The Empowerment Movement

EMPOWERMVNT = Empowerment Movement


Our Mission

We connect, support, recognize and celebrate like-minded people, businesses, charities, and organizations who exemplify our mission to empower others.

We hope to bring awareness and inspiration to everyone who makes it a point to empower others: helping others through empowerment that fosters creativity, community, and well-being while achieving things that important to you.


Every Person Has a Super Power

 We believe every single person has a special ability, a super-power, a talent, a nack, a passion, or something interesting that if supported and fueled in the right ways, can and will blossom into something great – something that make a positive impact on the world while the person or organization reaches their maximum potential in creating or achieving it. We especially love to support people and projects that embody this philosophy and helps others discover greatness within themselves by supporting them in ways that empower such a journey.


How to Participate

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